By developing a complete SAE Level 4 overall system and demonstrating Level 4 operation with fleets of driverless shuttles in Kelheim and Monheim am Rhein, SAFESTREAM offers a new mobility solution for public transport that is driving the mobility transition in Germany.

„For a sustainable change in mobility and greater use of public transport, the quality of the transport offer has to improve significantly. A real Level 4 operation of our transports will enable us to provide an attractive mobility offer in the future that is customer-centric and financially viable in the long term.“


What is important to us

SAFESTREAM forms an important component of a future overall system that pursues overarching social goals, such as climate protection, improved public transport offer and increased safety on the roads. This is how we secure the mobility of the future.


What we drive forward

The design, development and implementation of a Level 4 overall system in connection with a technical supervision require innovative solutions. This is how we at SAFESTREAM create the basis for driverless and economically attractive operation and thus a profitable alternative of mobility.


What we want to achieve

With SAFESTREAM, we want to create a basis for scalable fleet solutions by 2025 that can be adopted by every other municipality in Germany and will lead to a substantial improvement in public transport through significantly more attractive, more accessible and more efficiently controllable mobility offers.